My Favorite Money Podcasts for 2018


Whether you’re heading to work or walking the dog, listening to podcasts can make that time more exciting and educational. If you’re revamping your financial life or trying to hit big money goals, podcasts can help you stay in the right mindset.

Here are some of my favorite money podcasts for 2018:

Favorite Money Podcasts:

Investing and Financial Planning

Stacking Benjamins – The Stacking Benjamins podcast is a unique mix of money and humor. Joe Saul-Sehy and his guests (including me!) have a great time, and the content is fun. It’s a good choice if you want a lighter money-focused listen.

Money for the Rest of Us – J. David Stein’s “Money for the Rest of Us” podcast is known for taking complicated financial topics and making them digestible for the average person. He was once a chief investment strategist and money manager. David has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Therefore, he knows his stuff. Most of the topics cover investment strategies, market behavior and the economy.

Profit Boss Radio (with Hilary Hendershott)– Hilary’s “Profit Boss Radio” podcast is geared toward helping women manage their money, and she invites on many inspiring, impressive women from the industry to speak on her show. There’s a big variety here. She covers how to make more money, get out of debt and invest better, along with sharing stories of women who lost it all and found their financial footing again.


Money Well-Being

Jen Hemphill: Her Money Matters – Jen Hemphill is a money coach whose podcast is all about real stories of money makeovers, mindset shifts and how your well-being impacts your financial life. It also gets into easy money-saving tweaks, parenting, budgeting and overcoming debt. Catch Jen’s episode with me here!

The Scott Alan Turner Show – Before becoming a millionaire, Scott Alan Turner made plenty of bad decisions with his money. Because of that, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to overhauling your personal finance. The themes of his show are fulfillment, financial freedom and growing your money. 

Beyond the Dollar (with Sarah Li Cain and Garrett Philbin) – The idea behind Sarah Li Cain and Garrett Philbin’s “Beyond the Dollar” podcast is to create a space for frank conversations about money. Garrett is a Financial Life Coach and founder of Be Awesome Not Broke, and Sarah is a finance writer, author and holistic money coach. Together they cover topics like fear, confidence, self-worth, handling money with your spouse and forgiveness in an honest and accessible way.

NPR Planet Money – Planet Money does a great job of taking the moving parts of the economy and making them entertaining and easy to understand, all with the storytelling finesse of NPR.


Finances for Doctors

Docs Outside the Box (with Nii Darko) – Doctor Nii Darko talks to doctors about the side hustles, passion projects and major goals they’re tackling. Nii has invited me on his podcast a few times (here and here,) too!

Hippocratic Hustle – Doctor Carrie Reynolds interviews other physicians about the work they’re doing outside their day jobs, the ways they’re working toward financial freedom and other money opportunities and roadblocks that physicians often face.


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