Should you buy 2nd house as an investment? (28 min video discussion)

I along with my teammate Sagar, recorded a 28 min video discussion related to this topic – “Should you buy 2nd house as an investment?” yesterday. We talked about various pros and cons which are often missed by those investors who are thinking of buying second house for investment. Watch the video below

What we discussed in this video?

  1. When does it makes sense to buy 2nd house?
  2. How does it impact your cashflows and stress level?
  3. Why are investors so attached and attracted with buying “Real Estate”?
  4. What are the real life issues which investors face after buying the 2nd house?
  5. Is it an emotional decision or a financial decision?
  6. Why buying just 1 hour is enough for 95% investors?
  7. Why illiquidity is a big issue with buying a 2nd house?
  8. How 2nd house can create a good second income, and in which cases?

Do let us know if you have any comments after watching the video!

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